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Want to work with a team of proud educators in a world-class atmosphere, who will support your professional development and career progression? At GEMS you work with a team of self-motivated teachers from some of the best schools in India and across the world all striving towards one common goal - Quality education to all.

It’s a tough job for us to select the best applications but we take it as a huge compliment regarding the fact that so many teachers across the globe wants to be a part of the GEMS family.

At GEMS, #teachersmatter and above all they also receive training under our in-house professional development programme so that they keep learning and keep sharing the knowledge for a better educated future. So, if you love to be a part of the family that offers care and personal growth - Get in touch with us today at

If you would like a career that offers international opportunities, world-leading professional development and career progression, we would love to hear from you. Click here to visit GEMS Careers.